About Us

CLAW (Critter Lovers At Work) was founded by Jill H. Kramer in 1987 with the mission to promote public awareness of and community support for the SF SPCA, and to have fun doing it. CLAW is an all-volunteer support group of SF SPCA.

CLAW plans and produces special events that benefit The Cinderella Fund at the SF SPCA. CLAW’s first events were the Holiday Windows at Gump’s in 1987 and The Great SF/SPCA Cat and Dog Fair that same year. The purpose of that event was to generate visibility and to attract broad community participation by offering a diverse selection of activities and educational venues, to educate the public on the important role of pets in contact with human beings, and to further emphasize human kindness to the pets who share our urban environment.

This tradition has continued with events such as the Bare Bones Bash, Animal Wing Ding, the Bark & Whine Ball, and Hats Off Luncheon. CLAW’s signature event is the Bark & Whine Ball. All are welcome to attend with their well behaved dogs.


Jill Kramer – Founder
Judy Ranzer – President
Terri Mino – Vice President
Nancy Trogman – Secretary
Ann Ford – Treasurer
Nellie Hufnagel
Charlotte Lee
Jo Ellen Lezotte
Missy Nelson
Joanne Nitzberg
Pat Pogue
Jeanette Roach
Papsie Scherman
Anna Spraungel Williams
Denise Zanze

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Interested in learning more?
Please contact us:
(415) 522-3535
P.O. Box 58
San Francisco, CA 94104
Email: claw@clawsf.org