CLAW, Then and Now

Critter Lovers at Work (CLAW) is an all-volunteer support group founded by San Francisco philanthropist Jill Kramer in 1987. Its original mission was to plan and produce events that raised awareness of and generated support,  and to have fun doing it.

To date, CLAW has donated nearly $1.5 million to the through the Cinderella Fund — earmarked to pay veterinary bills for the most needy animals (homeless, sick, and injured) that have come into shelters, and prepare them for adoption.

CLAW’s first fundraising event was the Holiday Windows at Gump’s in 1987, which featured dogs and cats available for adoption. The Holiday Windows moved to Macy’s Union Square, and have been there every holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Years for over 30 years.

The Great Cat and Dog Fair was CLAW’s second event, created in order to:

  • Promote public awareness of and community support
  • Generate visibility for its innovative programs
  • Attract broad community participation by offering a diverse selection of activities and educational venues
  • Educate the public on the important role of pets in contact with human beings
  • Further emphasize human kindness to the pets who share our urban environment

CLAW’s mission statement was and still is “to save and protect animals, provide care and treatment, advocate for their welfare, and enhance the human-animal bond.”

CLAW’s fundraising efforts have continued over the years, with such events as the Bare Bones Bash, Animal Wing Ding, Cinderella Luncheon, and our signature event — The Bark & Whine Ball.

Today, CLAW plans and produces special events to raise money for a variety of specific, 501c3 organizations that assist pets and their guardians. Through the Cinderella Fund, proceeds from events in 2017-18 will lend support to animal rescue groups, military veterans with support animals, and veterinary care clinics, to name a few.


Jill Kramer – Founder
Anne Minkin – President
Judy Fong – Treasurer
Jennifer Madden – Secretary
Susan Bahary
Anna Pennington Boucher
Stacia Culp
Missy Nelson
Papsie Sherman
Patrick Villyard
Anna Spraungel Williams
Denise Zanze

Richard Avanzino ~ Advisory


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